When I was in primary school, we had a school trip to the United Nations Environment Programme – UNEP as it was called those days.

There were so many fliers and posters about the natural environment – forests, rivers, animals, birds, the clouds, waterfalls and so much more… and I was enthralled that this world has such beauty.

It was also shocking to realize that these wonderful things are in danger because of our actions as human beings.

From then, my passion for all things environment was born!!

I started Redfern Certification Consultants in 2013 because I was looking to provide solutions for people looking to have environmental and ethical problems solved.

I truly believe that most businesses and individuals want to do the right thing, follow the laws and requirements but genuinely wonder how and where to get started.

That’s where Redfern comes in!

Redfern also meets the needs of those clients who seek to be certified to a variety of ethical standards in order to enable them to access markets.

Different countries have different requirements or standards for products that enter their country.

We help you to build in systems in your entire supply chain to meet these requirements and enable you to access the markets you desire to enter into!

There have been and there continue to be challenges and ups and downs in running an environmental and certification consultancy.

The most rewarding experience has been partnering with different clients to get their products into new markets and to see them thrive!

The biggest challenge has been having those clients in need finding us and us finding them!

It is also ironic that licenses and permits are required for one to engage in a lot of environmentally friendly technology, which ends up discouraging businesses from investing in such technology, hence causing yet another hurdle to our environment.

The more people we can get to comply, the more we can safeguard our environment for future generations. That is SUSTAINABILITY!