Redfern certification consultants offers you three main services.

Welcome and let us walk with you. We offer exemplary services and we promise quality results.

Services and core competencies

1. Certification Audits

We are passionate about helping new and established firms to break into tough markets that require stringent quality, ethical, and environmental standards.

With us, you will get top-notch services that propel your business or organization to new levels.

At Redfern, you will get help in attaining or retaining certifications that mean business.

Kindly have a look below at the certificates;

  • KFC

Kenya Flower Certification

  • BOPP

British Ornamental Plant Producers Certification

  • LEAF

Linking Environment and Farming Certification

  • FLO

Fair Trade Certification

  • QMS

Quality Management System Certification

  • EMS

Environmental Management System Certification

We will assist you to:

  1. Align your processes to meet your needs as well as the certification requirement.
  2. Review your policies and SOPs and assist you to develop them to meet legal and certification requirements.
  3. Undertake a comprehensive pre-audit to identify areas of weakness for your team to work on before the main audit.
  4. Provide training to the core team in charge of managing the function/process to be audited to ensure that they understand the criteria and how it relates to the specific functions.  

Simply put: we take the pain out of compliance/certification audits! We don’t promise “easy”, but external audits don’t have to be so hard!

2. EIA/EA as per NEMA requirements Services

Environmental Impact Assessment {EIA} is a NEMA {National Environment Management Authority} requirement here in Kenya.

This certification is very important and touches on major environmental aspects of our day to day lives.

We have on board a fully qualified professional who is NEMA registered and licensed.

To assist your organization meet the requirements of the Environment Management & Coordination Act, (EMCA, 1999), We undertake;

  • Environmental Impact Assessments for new projects
  • Annual Environmental Audits
  • Development of an effective and robust Environment Management System

Additionally, we provide consultancy on a broad range of environmental matters to assist you to make sound decisions in keeping your business green.

We can help your organization to better manage its relationship with the environment!

3. Training services

We provide training to suit your needs. For each set of training we provide a;

  • Comprehensive course outline
  • Course objective
  • Tailored course duration based on the needs
  • Course content
  • Course expectations

We provide three training services which are;

1. Environmental training

Our team has over 10 years of experience and advanced qualifications on a diverse range of environmental themes. 

We are able to provide training on a wide range of topics including;

  • Basic environmental concepts
  • Environmental law – EMCA, 1999 and International legislation
  • Waste Management Biodiversity & Conservation
  • Climate change and adaptation

We tailor make your training based on your target audience and the ideals you are trying to impart to your team.

2. Internal Audit training

Internal audits are changing and evolving by the day!

Moving AWAY from being a mode of reporting system deficiencies to senior management.

TO the auditor seeing the auditee as a customer and providing a value-added service of assisting the auditee to comply.

Training highlights include;

  1. The role and mandate for internal audits
  2. The audit process
  3. The role of management in the auditing system
  4. Auditor-auditee relation
  5. Risk assessments – a pro-active approach
  6. Reporting audit results
  7. Internal audits as a training ground
  8. Continuous improvement

3. Fair-trade Training

We train Fairtrade certified organizations to better manage their system in compliance with Fairtrade Certification Standards.

We also train Premium Committees on Fairtrade concepts to enable your FPC to function as it should.

The training includes:-

  • The history of Fairtrade Ethos
  • FT premiums origins
  • FT premiums applications
  • The impact of FPC on company certification
  • Examples of premium projects
  • Challenges faced by FPC
  • Solutions to problems
  • The Fairtrade Standard

The training enables the producer to meet the requirements of the certification.

Furthermore, this makes the Premium Committee able to undertake its functions in compliance with the Fairtrade Standard.

This is achieved and applied in a robust and ethical manner.