Environmental audit! does this ring a bell?

Starting a business in this age is not a one-day venture.

An environmental audit is one of the requirements you must think of as you plan to venture into your business of choice.

Furthermore, you require a lot of planning to execute business in an effective way.

Gone are the days when you would just put your wares out for sale without attracting the authorities.

Stringent rules are now in place to safeguard consumers and the environment as well.

In the same breath, the authorities are now keener than before to ensure business owners comply with occupational safety laws and the environmental laws too.

For this reason, having an environmental audit carried out is one important aspect of establishing a business that you can not ignore.

What is an environmental audit?

An environmental audit is a critical tool in an enterprise that measures the environmental position and performance based on given policies.

The three primary audits include;

  1. Environment compliance audits
  2. Environment management audits
  3. Functional environmental audits.

These audits serve to assess the compliance of business activities in line with the current legislation and environmental policies.

Environmental Compliance Audit

The Environmental Compliance Audit is a detailed and systematic audit of an organization’s operations and administrative processes.

In addition, this also helps to assess compliance with environmental policies.

This tool examines the impact of a business on the surrounding environment in regards to waste disposal.

Moreover, the audit investigates the handling of hazardous components at the workplace and how this affects human health.

This tool is also used to streamline businesses as per the current legislation on business permits.

The tool advocates for sufficient and accurate record-keeping and reporting as per laid out protocol.

Environmental Management Audit

This is an auditing exercise that examines the impact of management processes in the company.

By accessing management policies, an auditor can gauge if the organization’s goals have been met.

Functional Environmental Audit

This is a vital exercise to determine the quality of utilities such as water supply, electricity supply, and air supply.

A functional environmental audit seeks to identify and monitor the usage of the environment in a business.

Importance of conducting an environmental audit

  1. Environment laws

Laws governing the environment are strict as a result of the recent campaigns to restore a clean environment in the country.

As a budding or an existing entrepreneur, it is mandatory that you acquaint yourself with some of the laws to avoid getting into legal challenges.  

It is advisable to seek legal expertise or professional counsel from environment experts.

A professional will advise you on the statutory requirements for reporting and record-keeping.

  • Certification

An environmental auditor can advise on the processes necessary for ISO certification and other related certifications.

Additionally, an environmental audit can highlight the environmental performance of a business in line with stipulated policies.

  • Occupational safety

Having occasional audit and professional guidance will ensure safety in the workplace by identifying risk factors and conducting the necessary corrections.

A professional environmental auditor will advise an organization/business on matters related to the polices and legal requirements as stipulated in the law.

In summary…

Having a safe and secure business environment will boost a company’s productivity by promoting safety at the workplace.

Consult an environmental auditor for professional guidance in fostering a clean and sustainable environment.

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